DesignGost Platform

A cross-platform mentoring product for creatives and designers.


DesignGost is a mentoring platform for Turkish-speaking creatives (for the global market later on) that aims to help young people shape their future. We have created a cross-platform dedicated to creative professionals and designers. We give them some tools to boost their creativity and find a creative hero. Mentees can meet new creatives, send their design or student projects to get the right feedback from the Creative Directors, Art Directors, Senior Designers, Managers, Senior Creatives and many more professions.

DesignGost offers a mentor-led, online design education platform with a focus on creativity, design, and experience. Rock Star Mentors, a feedback tool, chats, direct messages, video calls, unique design video content, and much more. By combining the power of the internet with the magic of 1-on-1 mentoring, we’re creating a new creative experience that is completely free.


The young population is the most dynamic and sensitive group in Turkey. The number of youth in the 12-24 age group constitutes 31 percent of the population in Turkey, which has a rather young population. The expectations for the future of Turkey’s young, urban, and well-educated creative population of about 80 million people has been increasing gradually.

Thousands of thousands young individuals are getting graduated from the art schools every year. They dream spreading their art all over the world but most of them don’t even have a career or meet their hero who can help them to create a career path.


We needed a clear message to invite young designers to get in touch with the well-seasoned and experienced creative professionals via email messages, feedback tool and chat module. We wanted to give a solid experience and a cross-platform product to young designers and creatives.


4 months


User Research, User Interviews, Wireframes, Product Design, Visual Design, and Web Design


Figma, AE, Balsamiq, Jira, Trello, Guerilla Testing

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– User research

– User interviews

– Design research


– User Flows

– Site Mapping

– Features


– Low-fi wireframes

– Visual mockups

– Interactive prototypes

Develop & Ship

– Developer hi-fi prototypes

– Developer hand-off


User Research​

Crafting UX design without user research was basically like making decisions based on industry standards that weren’t directly focused on our users. User research was an important stage for our product to put a strong emphasis on our users’ experience and expectations.

We focused on understanding our potential users’ expectations, behaviors, needs, and motivations through methodical, investigative approaches. Insights are then used to ensure that all product design decisions do benefit the user.

User Interviews

We used to use Google Forms for the user survey and *our temporary Discord designer community for one-on-one video interviews.

*We got 4800+ users on our temporary Discord community in two months after we’ve released our marketing website.


I wish I could show my designs to senior creatives to get comprehensive feedback.

Sena Yıldız

I want to explore and try different design disciplines with a design coach.

Murat Akyel
Graphic Designer

As a design student, I am aware of that every Jedi needs a Yoda

Nihat Badem
User Persona: Woman
User Persona: Man

User Flows

Map out the steps first

As we went forward with our research, we realized that the commuters needed more simplicity. Once we had a clear understanding of what features and pages needed to be designed, I moved onto the information architecture of the Platform. I created the user flows to help envision the tactical user journey for key actions for the web and mobile apps as a foundation.



Paper and Pen, My Speed Boosters

I usually start the design process with low fidelity sketches by designing many options and then taking one of the ideas, and sketching/mapping out the entire experience. As soon as we felt the user flows were okay for us, I could finally sketch some ideas. I wanted to keep something clear, simple and that could be improved in future iterations.


We asked our potantial users to have some insights on the average of number of upgrades per person. I also worked in collaboration with the developers to know the possibilities when calling our backend. I designed a quick prototype with low-fi screens first.

Below are the wireframes — made in Figma — that showcase some of our core features and screens.

Product Management

As a Co-founder and Product Designer, I was responsible for improving overall processes of product design, development and management by improving quality and efficiency. I am a believer in Agile Management methodology and I like to define and establish processes around that.

Trello is a horizontal and open ended task planning and management tool that we used to collaborate during different stages of product development.

Design System

Design Principles

After evaluating the competitive landscape, we identified the opportunity to design a cross-platform product to appeal to young creatives.
We brainstormed, iterated and finalized a variety of impactful design principles to guide our project that are supported by our research findings. These guidelines helped establish alignment across design decisions and held us accountable throughout the project.


I believe that practice makes perfect, and achieving perfection requires trying, and then trying again and again until you get there.


I’ve chosen to create things out of independent parts with standard interfaces. This allows our designs to be customized, upgraded, repaired and for parts to be reused.


I know that accessible design is good design. Everything I built should’ve been as inclusive, legible and readable as possible for both mentors and mentees.

Hi-Fi Prototypes

Upload Projects
Mentor Profile
Email Box
New Email

Feedback Tool

We wanted to create a feedback tool that enables designers to collaborate effortlessly with mentors no matter where they are in the world. It’s a fast feedback tool for visuals and messages come with an interactive interface that makes it a joy for designers.

You can get visual feedback right in your browser by using point-and-click annotation tool or messages. It is quite effective to collaborate on new ideas, get feedback, and share the vision of your ideas or design.


Share with the right people, in the right place.

Having multiple conversations in a single chat is a hassle when you are trying to share different types of information, knowledge, and inspirations. We’ve created topic-based chat rooms to showcasing your work, getting inspired, and constructive feedback from other designers under related topics. 

Designers can meet other designers and mentors, ask questions, send direct messages, talk about the latest design news, ask for critiques of your work and much more.

Video Content

iPhone App

DesignGost Marketing Website

The goal was to create a modern, 3D, and a dynamic design style that would allow us to elevate the DesignGost brand, and deliver the messages in a more user friendly environment.

Video for the Website Launch

Video marketing is indeed one of the most engaging and exciting ways to convey your message to the right audience. People love to share entertaining and engaging videos. So, to inform our users about the features of our product, and how it can help them to solve their pain point, it was important to create a video about DesignGost platform.

We spent 4 days on New York streets to find the best spots and make a well-produced video.

My Role:

Director, Video Editor, Color Grading

How it Works

Logo Animation