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DesignGost is a mentoring platform for Turkish speakers (maybe for global market later on, who knows! ) that aims to help young creative people shaping their future. It’s a project of mine and I am currently working on it to improve the small details and add some new features.
I imagined a platform dedicated to artists and designers who would like to meet each other and get advise from the creative directors, managers and senior creatives.

DesignGost offers mentor-led, online design education with a focus on creativity, design, and experience. Rock Star Mentors, unique design video content, chats, direct messages, video calls, and much more. By combining the power of the internet with the magic of 1-on-1 mentoring, we’re creating a new educational experience that is completely free.


The young population is the most dynamic and sensitive group in Turkey. The number of youth in the 12-24 age group constitutes 31 percent of the population in Turkey, which has a rather young population. The expectations for the future of Turkey’s young, urban, and well-educated creative population of about 80 million people has been increasing gradually.

Thousands of thousands young individuals are getting graduated from the art schools every year. They dream spreading their art all over the world but most of them don’t even have a career or meet their hero who can help him to create a career path.


3 months

UX Researcher, Product Design, Visual Design

Figma, AE, Balsamiq, Jira, Trello, Guerilla Testing

DesignGost Platform




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The goal was to create a modern, 3D, and a dynamic design style that would allow us to elevate the DesignGost brand, and deliver the messages in a more user friendly environment.

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