Call me Hakan

Name: Hakan Ertan
Roots: Turkish
Living in: Brooklyn, New York
Languages: English, Turkish
Profession: Visual Designer

The unique design that Hakan created is both attractive and highly adaptable. I appreciate Hakan’s attention to detail, and I am equally pleased with how creatively he completed the web project. Thank you for doing such a great job designing eZ's marketing website.

Senior Product Manager, eZ Systems

Always Design?

Well, a kinda yes! My all design journey has begun with my big brother who is an Architecture. He offered me to come to his office in summers for Photoshop gigs. “What the hell is Photoshop?” was the first thing came in mind. When I was twelve, I’ve become a huge fan of people, art and technology after working with an Architecture. Why not being a designer then?

My passion for design became my profession after graduating from Graphic Design school. I admit that It’s wasn’t my first choice ending up in Advertising Industry but it was like my second school. I had chance to work with many big global agencies such as BBDO, TBWA, Saatchi & Saatchi, Grey Group and become an award-wining Art Director. I’ve learned about creative and design strategy, marketing, art direction, public relations, and how to find ideas and run a 360 degree campaigns from many talented Creative Directors and Strategists.

I’m the guy of challenge! Design, creative, tech, and life, I like solving complex thing or try to make something better. So, I decided changing myself! I left all my career behind, took classes of UX/UI Design and moved from Istanbul to New York.

In 2015, I got a job offer as a Visual Designer from the company called Ibexa(formerly eZ Systems). It was a good opportunity for me to jump in B2B CMS and DXP product fields to profoundly learn of Product Design. This role provided significant insight into the full product and marketing lifecycle, which allowed me to deliver more effective and impactful designs.

As a result, while working in New York, I became a grand prize judge for Adobe Creative Jam UX Design Award, besides, some of my illustrations listed in the books called Drawn Book – Leaders in Contemporary Illustration and Bézier Book – The Best Vector Artist WorldWide.


Hakan is one of the most creative people I have had the pleasure to work with. He approaches projects with a great attitude and an eye for the unique. I have worked with Hakan to develop design and graphics for ebooks, case studies and blog posts while at eZ Systems. We also worked together on the production of video content and I was very impressed with his sense of direction and visual identity.

Henry Kogan
Creative Leadership