Hi, I'm Hakan! A dad, designer, founder, and YouTuber from New York. I'm all about bringing positivity to teamwork, collaborating with open-minded people, and creating products that help and spread joy.

Core values

My diverse experience across industries and roles has shaped my core beliefs in collaboration, inclusivity, effective decision-making, and creative problem-solving. These principles guide my approach to work, emphasizing a commitment to fostering collaborative and innovative environments.

Building Together, Not Just Designing

Quality is about working together, not just pixels. I believe in the power of synergy, where creativity meets strategy and pixels come to life through seamless teamwork.

While design and technical guidance are part of the package, my primary objective is to help you establish meaningful connections.

People First, Process Second

Success depends on the right team. With a great team, any strategy can work; without it, even the best strategy falls flat. A team of smart, kind, and giving people can tackle almost any challenge. No process can fix problems caused by negative vibes. Usually, internal issues come from broken relationships.

Iteration, iteration, iteration

Constant refinement is the key – iteration, iteration, iteration. It’s not just about tweaking; it’s about transforming your ideas into something exceptional. Each small change is a step closer to perfection, and together, we’re on a journey of continuous improvement.


  • Vision
  • Ideation
  • Roadmapping
  • Prototyping
  • Wireframing
  • Interaction Design
  • UI Design
  • Visual Design
  • Foundations
  • Component Libraries
  • Documentation
  • Accessibility Standards
  • Dev Hand-Off
  • Portfolio Reviews
  • Design Critiques
  • Workshopping
  • 1×1 Feedback
  • Journey Maping
  • Personas
  • Competitive Audits
  • User Interviews
  • Stakeholders Interviews
  • Moodboards
  • Storyboards
  • User Flows
  • Sitemaps
  • Usability Testing
  • Information Architecture​
  • A/B Test
  • Creative Strategy
  • Illustration
  • Iconography
  • Branding
  • Project Management
  • Storytelling
  • Motion Design
  • Cinematography
  • Video Making

Professional history


  • Oversaw the development and maintenance of enterprise-level design systems, ensuring consistency and scalability across multiple brands and platforms.
  • Established aesthetics, scalability, efficiency, and consistency aligned with brand guidelines by employing design principles, including balance, contrast, proportion/scale, and unity/harmony.
  • Actively participated in cross-functional team collaboration, including executive leadership, stakeholders, product designers, UX researchers, content designers, engineers, and product managers, to iterate and deliver design artifacts and solutions.
  • Mentored designers and the product team, providing constructive feedback and fostering professional growth while upholding high-quality standards.
  • Conceptualized and designed experiences by simplifying complex actions through user-centered UX methods, including interaction design, accessibility standards, information architecture, user journeys, user interviews, audits, and wireframes.
  • Led end-to-end design projects, from ideation to prototyping and iterative testing, ensuring impactful solutions.
  • Utilized visual storytelling, pixel-perfect practices, and fundamental design knowledge to create visually appealing and user-friendly solutions.
  • Communicated design concepts to stakeholders using various mediums, from sketches to high-fidelity prototypes.
  • Conducted reviews and audits to gain insights into user needs, behaviors, and pain points. Used qualitative and quantitative data to inform design decisions and validate design hypotheses.


  • Led junior product and UX designers, nurturing their growth while completing multiple projects.
  • Successfully delivered complex enterprise-level design systems for Novartis and Amgen and various projects, including internal branding, two design systems, an AI chatbot, a video content portal, two agency websites, three iPhone apps, and client websites.

Mar 2020 – Present | Brooklyn, NY

I’m responsible for strategy and decision-making regarding product design/direction as well as the creation of world-class user experiences. Creating, collaborating, and iterating prototypes, design systems, and visuals. Empowering developers to build design systems more easily.

Lead a team including one front-end developer, one full-stack back-end developer, and one junior UX/UI designer.

April 2015 – September 2020 | Brooklyn, NY


  • Developed storyboards, conducted UX audits, and crafted prototypes, wireframes, layouts, and design systems.
  • Applied design principles including balance, unity/harmony, contrast, grid systems, repetition/rhythm, color theory, typography, and iconography to create visually appealing and functional designs.
  • Collaborated closely with stakeholders and cross-functional teams to ensure alignment with product strategies.
  • Managed relationships with key stakeholders and third-party vendors, facilitating successful project execution.
  • Provided insights into product development and marketing strategies, enhancing the effectiveness of design initiatives.
  • Demonstrated leadership in driving product and marketing vision and fostering collaboration across teams.
  • Led end-to-end design projects, from ideation to iterative testing, ensuring the delivery of impactful solutions.


  • Recognized as a grand prize jury member for the Adobe Creative Jam UI/UX Design Awards, showcasing expertise in the field.
  • Featured illustrations in prestigious publications, elevating the visibility of Ibexa DXP Platform and highlighting creative contributions.
  • Delivered projects from websites, landing pages, and apps to printed collaterals, and illustrations.

2011 – 2014 | Brooklyn, NY

Adobe, NCDD, Kino Consulting, and theduilawyer.com

May 2008 – November 2010 | Istanbul,Turkey

Hired for new business pitches as an in-house Freelance Art Director. Conception, implementation, production, and present to clients. I managed external partners to ensure effective and proper execution.

April 2005 – February 2008 | Istanbul,Turkey

Was responsible for art direction, conception, implementation, and production of print, classic TV commercials, and interactive projects for clients in the food, retail, beauty, and non-profit industries, such as Carrefour, P&G, and Unicef. To ensure effective and proper execution, I managed 360-degree campaigns, interactive projects, and external partners. I led three junior designers and one copywriter.

October 2004 – April 2005 | Istanbul,Turkey

As an Art Director, I worked for Nokia and a Turkish media giant called Turk Media, which has a lot of magazines, newspapers, and TV channels. I was responsible for art direction, conception, implementation, and production of print and TV commercials. I managed 360-degree campaigns and external partners to ensure effective and proper execution. I directed two junior designers.

April 2002 –September 2004 | Istanbul,Turkey

Conception, implementation, production, client presentations, ensuring accounts run smoothly from the creative side, and supervised junior creatives for Frito Lay, Pfizer, Coca-Cola, Axess, Mercedes, and Forbes. In addition, I worked on new business pitches and managed external partners to ensure proper execution.


Open for new opportunities and collaboration! Whether it’s a professional collaboration or just a friendly chat, I’m all ears.