Hey, I’m Hakan Ertan. I'm all about bringing positivity to teamwork, collaborating with open-minded people, and building products that help and spread joy.

Core values

My diverse experience across industries and roles has shaped my core beliefs in collaboration, inclusivity, effective decision-making, and creative problem-solving. These principles guide my approach to work, emphasizing a commitment to fostering collaborative and innovative environments.

Quality is about working together, not just pixels. I believe in the power of synergy, where creativity meets strategy and pixels come to life through seamless teamwork.

While design and technical guidance are part of the package, my primary objective is to help you establish meaningful connections.

Success depends on the right team. With a great team, any strategy can work; without it, even the best strategy falls flat. A team of smart, kind, and giving people can tackle almost any challenge. No process can fix problems caused by negative vibes. Usually, internal issues come from broken relationships.
Constant refinement is the key – iteration, iteration, iteration. It’s not just about tweaking; it’s about transforming your ideas into something exceptional. Each small change is a step closer to perfection, and together, we’re on a journey of continuous improvement.


My 4-year-old kiddo, Alp, has made my life richer. His unlimited imagination, creativity, intelligence, and amazement inspire everything I do. All of this is for him.


Cinema is my way of exploring new ideas and going on adventures that I can’t experience in real life. I’m always curious about the world, and movies, documentaries, and TV shows give me a chance to see different cultures and ways of life.

Choosing favorite films is no easy, but for now:

My top directors?(At present):

  • Tim Burton
  • Wes Anderson
  • Steven Spielberg


Of course, food is another source of inspiration for me, which is always full of energy. And since I moved to New York, I’ve been trying Asian and Mexican cuisines. But if I had to pick one favorite cuisine, it would be Mediterranean cuisine for sure.


Open for new opportunities and collaboration! Whether it’s a professional collaboration or just a friendly chat, I’m all ears.

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