Hi, I’m Hakan Ertan, a multi-disciplinary art director and web/multimedia designer who lives in New York. With my team, I provide a complete creative solution for the clients with a passion for advertising and digital marketing.

Award Winning Quality

With art director, designer and developer of team members being best at what they do, we create award winning quality campaigns, corporate identities and other creative solutions for our clients.

Awesome Template Designs

Do you need fresh web template designs, logo, flat icons, trendy flat designs, vector illustrations, responsive screen mockups, badges, silhouettes, posters or much more? Or do you just need some free stuff? Please check out my shop.

Building Your Brand

Branding is not only about having a logo or a business card. Branding is a much more complicated approach which needs research, strategy, consistency and creativity. We believe, even the smallest creative work deserves to be made with this understanding.

Software Development

We also build custom software for our clients. We start each project with analyzing the needs, building up a strategy and developing the code step by step.

"Your icons are just great… I have not seen ever before such a great icons."

− Next Design Web

"Thank you so much. I m relay want this type of deign for our new site. it’s very useful to me."

− Anshullabs.com

"Amazing…astonishing. Your job it’s really the best. Could you give me a hint?
What did you study to become a excellent professional?
I know that personal talent is a “plus”. Could you tell me your secret?

Congratulations man!!!"

− Paulo Costa

"Hello Hakan,
Thank you so much for sharing your icons it just makes everything so much easier and quicker.
We need more people like you in this world!"

− Erica