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eZ Systems

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An open content management platform for developers, editors and marketers.

eZ provides developers, editors and marketers with an open content management system for creating customer experiences.

My Role

As an in-house visual designer on the eZ marketing team, I work closely with Chief Product and Marketing Officer, Global Marketing Director, the US and Regional Marketing Managers, Product Design and Marketing teams. Manage 3rd parties to ensure effective execution.

Responsible for,

– Rebranding of eZ Systems

– Illustration, UI/UX design, visual design, typography and creative project management

– Conceptualization, illustration, and design for print and digital communications

– Content creation with the product and marketing team

– Work with the product, marketing, and engineering team on the design and user experience across the web, mobile applications, and email projects

– Collaterals for both digital and print including videos/animations, display ads, website designs, social media graphics, brochures, eBooks, and Keynote presentations


"Hakan’s combination of creativity and professionalism was exactly what eZ needed. Our team of professionals had strong opinions on the project. Hakan was able to take on board their ideas and steer us towards an outcome that we are proud of.​"

Marketing Director

Illustrations & Animations

Over 300 icons, illustrations, and diagrams I have produced for multipurpose use to help eZ’s customers understand what actually eZ Systems does and what they can do using eZ Publish and eZ Platform.

Website Design has completely redesigned. The goal was to create a clean and less complicated interface.
With lot’s of white space, the new accent colors, and illustrations we created an optimal user experience.


“The unique design that Hakan created is both attractive and highly adaptable. I appreciate Hakan’s attention to detail, and I am equally pleased with how creatively he completed the web project. Thank you for doing such a great job designing eZ's marketing website.”

eZ Systems / Senior Product Manager

Banner illustrations