Designers Help Stray Dogs

Fundraising Campaign

We Feed Friends

It was an open call to photographers, graphic designers, illustrators and art directors: Let your next work go to stray dogs and cats as food. We get stray dogs in Istanbul food by selling your work.


Istanbul boasts a population of 14 million people, making it the eighth-largest city in the world. But it is the city’s estimated 150,000 stray cats and dogs that draw a lot of attention. For centuries, locals have left out food and water for their beloved street creatures.

When Turkey’s Ministry of Forestry and Water drafted a law that would send city dogs to “wildlife parks” on city outskirts, thousands of animal rights activists were outraged. The law was set aside because of broad opposition.



I decided to run a fundraising campaign to get thousands of stray dogs food and shelter as well as make an attempt to raise awareness on loving animals.

Illustrators, art directors, graphic designers, and photographer friends sent their works and we sold them on the campaign website.

And, yes we did it and got them a ton of food.
Director: Hakan Ertan
Copywriter: Ender Emiroğlu
Creative Director: Hakan Ertan
Producer: Hande Dursun
Cinematographer: Hakan Ertan
Music: Mattia Cupelli
Voice Over: Ali Bilensir
Production: Solid Interactive
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Happy friends 🙂